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What is "biodynamic" and is it vegan?

Why biodynamic farming is not vegan.

posted 18/04/2019

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What Do You Hope To Achieve By Boycotting Palm Oil?

Our follow up article on palm oil.

posted 08/04/2019

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The Facts on Food Labelling

In this article we explain some misconseptions that people may have on Food Labelling laws in Australia and New Zealand.

posted 17/01/2019

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The Facts on Palm Oil

We decided to write this article about palm oil due to the number of enquires we get as to whether we consider palm oil vegan or if we have a palm oil status in our Fussy Vegan Scanner app. The main purpose of our app is to let users know if a product is vegan or not. With the exception of animal testing (which affects the vegan status of a product) we do not get into other ethical concerns.

posted 11/01/2019

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Contacting a Manufacturer

We think it is important to clarify a few things when it comes to contacting manufacturers to find out of a product is vegan or not. Below we have put together a guide for anyone that wants to contact a manufacturer. Firstly, we would like to say that we already do all this work for you and you can find the vegan status of over 55,000 products on our app, but if you don’t want to spend the $5.99 on our app, or for whatever reason would like to confirm something yourself, then here is how.

posted 07/01/2019

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