Fussy Vegan Scanner App.

Fussy Vegan Scanner

Check out our #1 app, Fussy Vegan Scanner. Scan the barcode on grocery products to find out if the product is vegan or not. Our extensive database includes grocery products Australia and New Zealand. We are adding between 200-500 new products each day on average.


Fussy Vegan Travel App.

Fussy Vegan Travel

Our newest app, Fussy Vegan Travel, is the most comprehensive travel guide for vegans. Whether you are a local or travelling overseas, you will find this app useful in finding vegan food options at restaurants and cafes. The app also has extensive listings for where to shop vegan, vegan tattoos, accomodation, vegan friendly attractions, vegan friendly activities and more.


Fussy Vegan Scan Pro App.

Fussy Vegan Scan Pro

Check out our pro version of our #1 app, Fussy Vegan Scanner. This app has all of the features of Fussy Vegan Scanner, Fussy Vegan Fast Food Pro and Fussy Vegan Ingredient Guide.


Fussy Vegan Fast Food Pro App.

Fussy Vegan Fast Food Pro

Check out our Fussy Vegan Fast Food Pro app. Save time trying to find out if a menu item or ingredient at your favourite fast food restaurant is vegan friendly or not. Our database is updated regularly with new businesses, menu items and ingredients.